Friday, April 22, 2011

Honda Fireblade Bikes

Honda-Fireblade(nude) View
The major update to the Honda Fireblade has been with us for a while now, we have plenty of feedback on the 2008 fireblade so now it’s time to start  looking at what might be changed on the 2009 Fireblade . Some of the teething issues outlined on the 08 model need to be sorted, there is nothing major on the cards other than some oil consumption issues being reported, some discolouration of the exhaust and some people are reporting paint quaily issues. These things should be simple to fix. The other ace Honda is holding is the new “brake by wire” technology that should be in place on the CBR600RR for 09. It remains to be seen if it will appear on the CBR1000RR, my guess is that we will be seeing the introduction of the ABS in 2010.
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Honda Fireblade
Honda Fireblade in a stunning red and black
Honda-Fireblade-2008 Engine View


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