Monday, August 13, 2012

Vintage BMW Motorcycles

Vintage BMW Motorcycle Pictures

1937 BMW R7 may be just the most beautiful motorcycle ever built, and the late 60s might just be the BMW R69S our dream bike. This week, shared on the network with the best motorcycle archivists at the Bike Exif Blitz 1963 BMW Motorcycles R60 / 2, a murdered-out to classic vintage Beemer. This is largely original 1963 speedster has been bathed in matte black from head-to-toe, including high temperature black paint on the original R60 / 2 engine. These images speak to bike better than we can in the text, so be sure to hit the gallery below for some improvement in warm drool-inducing.
Vintage BMW Motorcycle Picture
 BMW is more than 70 years, you could almost be a contemporary concept. It 's been shelved since the Second World War, and a box. In 2005, opened the box, and BMW Classic started the restoration.
Vintage BMW Motorcycles Picture
Vintage BMW Motorcycles Picture
Vintage BMW Motorcycles Picture
Black Vintage BMW Motorcycle Picture


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